When you are betting on cricket, there is often a lot of option.

  • Do you want to bet the win?
  • Do you want to lay off your position during the match?
  • Would you rather look for a bigger price in the top batsman and bowler markets?

So here, we are going to look at the three best bookmakers for cricket and see what each of them can do for you.

We must also say that you should never bet with an illegal, street bookmaker. Always check your bookmaker is licensed and complying with your local laws.

Right, down to business, we're going to look at the three market leaders when it comes to cricket betting: Betfair, bet365 and 1XBET. So, who are they?


You'll definitely have heard of these guys. They offer an exchange where you can bet into a market (much like the stock market). Sounds perfect? Well there is a little catch, they do take a commission on your winnings.


If you watch cricket you will likely have seen these guys about. They offer extremely low margins but follow the methods of the tried and tested bookmakers of old. They believe they are the best when it comes to cricket, especially for markets no one else is covering.


The newcomers, these guys are quite new to cricket but they speak a good game and are working hard and innovating to become the best there is. New often means opportunity and if you're lucky you might be able to some sneak some good value bets past them without them noticing.

Right, time to get down to business and look at who's doing what, best.


It's what all punters care about most. Who will give you the best price? Well, Betfair will offer you the exact market price on the winner. You won't get better than it. But there are some problems. If you want to bet in advance, or you want to bet on a small event or market, then there may not be any liquidity on Betfair and you won't be able to have a bet. So if you like to bet on the win market on big events then Betfair's the place to be, if not then you'll have to go to one of the other guys.

So, bet365 vs 1XBET. So, when I asked bet365 what their cricket margins were, they wouldn't tell me (sensitive info), but I have been reliably told that they aim at a margin of 3.5-3.75%. So for every 100INR that is bet on the site, they will take 3.5-3.75INR (over the long run and lots and lots of bets!). 1XBET meanwhile claim to keep their handle to just 2%. That's pretty minor but if you know what you're doing then you have every opportunity to get one over on them.


Ok, so Betfair loses this straight away. Really they're only good for a few things and mainly they're only good for the win market. They're quite exceptionally good for the win market, but they're not fantastic.

So, back to old vs new, bet365 vs 1XBET. bet365 roll in with 32 markets for you to bet on, meanwhile 1XBET come in second with a whopping 48. Both sites have strong in-play offers and this is where bet365's betting layout and betting software really helps give them the edge. But we'll come to that later.

There are some markets that bet365 such as "double chance" and "runs off delivery" that 1XBET don't have and vica versa. 1XBET for instance offer "next man out" when bet365 don't. So for full coverage you'll need to have an account with both - well worth it for price comparison in our opinion!


What's cricket without in-play. It's probably the game most suited towards in-play and the game least served for it. Thankfully two firms really do cater for it and they are bet365 and 1XBET. Again, for the major markets, Betfair wins by a country mile and because of their excellent mobile and desktop sites, bet365 have to come second.


As two of the largest and most established companies in the gambling industry, this one is going to be fight between bet365 and Betfair.

Betfair are licensed in: The UK, Gibraltar, Malta, Denmark, Tasmania, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria and Romania

1xBet are licensed in: Curacao.

Bet365 are licensed in: UK and Ireland, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, Italy and Australia