New Player Guide

Welcome to India Bet where you can bet on sports, play games and win prizes. India Bet is 100% legal!

How to get IBR

Getting more IBR is how to win more prizes, you can do this in multiple ways.

Daily IBR Bonus
Free IBR every day, login bonus plus daily bonus games.

Betting IBR and Winning
IBR is used to play sports, games and challenges.

Free IBR Codes
IBR bonus codes are given in chat, Facebook, Twitter, newsletter.

Levelling Up
Bet IBR to level up which gives you bonuses and unlocks including higher betting limits.

How to get Stars

Stars are mainly earned when using IBR but can also be won as prizes.

Betting IBR gets Stars
Get stars by betting IBR on sports, games, virtual games, challenges.

Boosts Can Help
Look out for games or events with limited time star boosts.

Clever Betting
Bet low amounts of IBR and bet often to maximize getting stars.

Star Draws
Every now and again we run prize draws to give away huge amounts of stars.

How to get prizes

It's just a matter of time, that is all you need to win at India Bet.

Prize Draws
Easiest to enter, you need to be lucky, free tickets available.

Easy to enter but requires skill to win the sports challenges.

The Shop
Save your stars over long periods to participate in exclusive draws.

Frequent topical competitions with great prizes.

Thank you for joining India Bet, if you need help please check our help section or contact us at any time.

Betting for Real

India Bet is completely free to play and does not offer real betting, everything on India Bet is free, even the prizes. However we know there are times when free to play betting simply does not cut it.

You can set up an online betting account with bet365* by using an Indian address and can also choose to manage your account in Indian Rupees rather than in U.S Dollars or British Pounds.

* 18+, T&Cs Apply. Check local laws before gambling with real money.

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