Betting Help - Video Tutorials

In this section we've compiled a list of video tutorials to help you learn how to bet in each of the India Bet sections, including sports betting, virtual cricket and instant games.

You need IBR to bet on our games and to learn more about IBR visit our 'How to earn more IBR' section.

If you have any further questions on how to play any of the betting games on India Bet feel free to get in touch with us by emailing

Sports Betting

Sports Betting
View on Youtube This video tutorial talks India Bet users through the steps needed to place a bet. We see how to navigate from the home page of India Bet through to the betting page and then how to place a bet on an event.

Virtual Games

View on Youtube This walkthrough will help explain how to play our first virtual game - Five5 cricket. India Bet has it's own exclusive Five5 game which allows you to bet on virtual cricket 24/7.

Lottery Games

Classic Matka
View on Youtube This fun lottery style game has been played in India for many years and can now be played every hour at India Bet. A fun, free to play game, this walkthrough will give you all you need to know to start betting.

Instant Games

Andar Bahar
View on Youtube We bring you this video tutorial on how to play Andar Bahar. Andar Bahar is a traditional Indian betting game where players bet on whether they think the game will end either on the left or right of the middle card.
Blackjack Vs
View on Youtube We take you through how to play the game BlackJack Vs. BlackJack Vs is a version of the classic casino game BlackJack.
IBR Spinner
View on Youtube IBR Spinner is a free to play three reel slot machine. When your IBR balance is below 1,000 IBR you can play this game for free and can win between 1 and 1,000 IBR from a single spin!
Indian Dice
View on Youtube Indian Dice is a traditional Indian betting game that can be played on India Bet. The video tutorial explains simply how to play it and how the pay out system works.
Jhandi Munda
View on Youtube We talk you through how to play traditional indian betting game Jhandi Munda. Jhandi Munda is a gambling game played in the North East of India and is a dice game. It is a very simple game.
Lucky 7
View on Youtube Lucky 7 is a very simple Indian card game that can be bet on or just played for fun. Children in India grow up playing the game. It is simple to learn and when bet on, it can be very exciting when bet on.
View on Youtube Passa is a traditional Indian game that has been played for centuries. It is based around the use of two four sided dice. The dice have the numbers one, three, four and six written on them.
Teen Patti Solo
View on Youtube Whilst the classic Teen Patti game is a multi player game, at India Bet we have changed it slightly so that it can be played against the computer. When playing Teen Patti Solo you have just one bet.
Teen Patti Vs
View on Youtube At India Bet we have made a few changes so that it can be played as a single person betting game. In Teen Patti Vs two hands are dealt, one to the dealer and one to the player.
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