Gambling in India is illegal in most states, Goa and Sikkim being the two exceptions where it is legal. On this page you can check on the latest news regarding arrests madein India for gambling related offences.

20 April: Vadodara. 19 Arrested in the Nizampura area. 1.44 lakh rupees seized during a card game.

22 April: Bangalore. International betting racket busted. 9 arrested. Betting slips worth crores found along with 7 lakh rupees cash, TVs, Mobile phone and other betting paraphernalia. Suspects not released on bail.

22 April: Narendra Modi arrested for running a Matka racket. Well known matka bookie arrested in his home villgae of Tarsodi village in Mangrol Taluka.

23 April: Chandigarh. Two arrested for IPL cricket betting. Arrested with 3 lakh rupee during the Mumbai vs Kings XI Punjab IPL game.

23 April: Ahmedabad. 49 year old man arrested with 8.38 lakh rupees in cash. Arrested in Paldi region for operating IPL cricket betting.

24 April: Karnal. Two arrested in Haryana for running cricket betting on the IPL.

25th April: Indore. Two people arretsed in the Vigyan Nagar Coloby for running a cricket betting racket.

26th April: North Delhi. Four arrested in large betting raid on IPL cricket betting gang. 82 Lakhs worth of bets confiscated along with 19 mobile phones and a laptop. Betting was on the Pune vs Deccan IPL Twenty20 cricket match.

27th April: Vadodara. Two arrested in Nagarwada area of the city for operating cricket betting. Suspected of links to surat.

30th April: New Delhi. One arrested in murder case. Man in the Rohini area of New Delhi is thought to have stabbed to death over a row started during a game of cards. Police are still investigating the case.

28th August: Mumbai. Two bookies arrested in a flat in Malad for taking bets on the Sri Lankan Premier League. Laptops, a television, and 14 cellphones were seized.

16th September: Hazaribagh. 24 people arrested in connection with gambling, and 1.5 lakh seized, as well as 18 motorbikes.