Rummy is an enormously popular game in India. It is seen by many as the national game of India and people's love for the game is a cultural trait that transcends the class and caste system, from the richest Bollywood families to those living in the slums of Mumbai, everyone knows how to play Rummy.

All Indian families will play Rummy and it will be played amongst all age groups. It is a very respectable game to play and the most well respected men and woman in the country will regulrly play Rummy.

It is legal for players to bet on Rummy and this makes it unique, as all other gambling card games such as Teen Patti and Poker are illegal in the majority of India. The reason that Rummy has been legalised is because it is seen as a game of skill.

Clubs are set up all over India where players can go and play Rummy and bet money against other players whilst socialising. Members of high society engage in this, however, often the smaller clubs are raided when police believe that illegal card game are being played there as well.

When attending a Rummy club, make sure hat no other card games are being played in the same club, otherwise you may be liable as well I the police raid the club.

Religious festivals such as Diwali often see surges in the popularity of Rummy. Rummy parties are held, as well as Teen Patti parties and other illegal gambling parties. Again, this is done throughout society. It is thought that during religious festivals if on gambles on card games such as Rummy then the Goddess Laxshmi of wealth will bring you luck.

Recently, there has been a boom in online Rummy sites. A number of gambling companies have been allowed to set up online Rummy sites and players can play against each other online with Rupees.

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