Andar Bahar is a very simple card game played in India, it is also known as Katti. The odds of winning at Andar Bahar are 50/50. The dealer cuts a card from a standard pack of cards and it is left out on display. The dealer then begins to deal the rest of the pack in two columns. One column starting on his left and the other column starting on his right. The aim of the game is to guess which column the same numbered card will reappear in. There is a slight advantage to bet in the column which the dealer starts first. However, it also advisable to only play with friends as con-men are likely to dupe you if you play them in the street, whilst casinos take a heavy house edge, often giving you odds as short as 4/5 (bet 5 Rupees to win 4 Rupees) on both outcomes.

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