Sequence is a poker game which is very similar to 7 card stud poker. The dealing and betting is exactly the same.

The difference is that there are wild cards. If the number two is dealt face up then it becomes the wild card for that hand. However, if after that a three is dealt then the two ceases to be a wild card and the three takes it place. If after this a four is dealt, then the four takes the place of the three as a wild card. The pattern continues like this.

So, if a hand was dealt 4d 5d Au 2u Qu 3u 9d (u=dealt up, d=dealt down), then the wild card would be three.

If the hand was 2d 4d 3u Ku 8u 4u Kd, then there would be no wild card as there is no 2 facing up and it is required that a 2 appears face up to begin the wild card sequence.

The wild card can represent any card the player wants.