Teer is a form of archery played in the Indian state of Maghalaya. The archery is bet on in a similar way to how Matka is bet on. The game sees a number of archers fire 3000 arrows at a target, the number of arrows that hit the target are then counted. The final two digits of the number counted are then proclaimed as that days number. The game can be seen in the video below.

It is common for betters to arrive early and force themselves to sleep. They then interpret their dreams, if they see red in their dream it means number four, or if they see an umbrella then it means number seven. There are complex systems which people swear by and it is hugely popular. It is only legal in Maghalaya and the government make a lot of money from it. Over the last three years they have collected 10 million rand in tax and 2.6 million rand selling licences to bookmakers.