These virtual games are often launched for the first time on India Bet and mistakes can be made with odds. At times, in the early development of virtual games, it is possible that mistakes in the game can lead to systems whereby players can win large sums of money by repeatedly betting on the same event or following a systematic pattern.

In these cases India Bet reserves the right to void these bets and to deduct any profit made both in their India Bet Stars balance and their India Bet Rupees Balance.

India Bet will continue to operate a fair system and any wins or profit made by the user in a fair way and via the correct operating system will be credited to the user. However, wins made in an unfair way and made by playing the games in a way that was not intended by the creators of the games, Sports Gaming Ltd, will be made null and void.

As far as possible India Bet will attempt to settle these virtual games in the fairest manner possible and with the best intentions towards the user.

India Bet does request that users, if aware of an issue similar to the ones described above, report the issue immediately via the 'contact us' section of the website.

Users that continue to use systems or to bet in a pattern that creates an unfair advantage to the user will be seen to be breaking the terms and conditions of the site. In such cases all bets made in such a way will be made void.

India Bet wishes that the virtual games be played in a fair and proper way. It will always aim to settle any issues as regards the above topics in the fairest manner possible.

India Bet Stars

To be eligible for India Bet Stars the bet must be at least 1.1 odds (decimal).  Any bet placed at odds less than 1.1 will result in no stars given.

Void and Refunded Bets

Bets for "Total Runs In the Next Over" and "Wickets In The Next Over" will be voided and refunded when a game/over finishes early. A game can finish early due to the following:

  • A team wins - If the second team beats the score of the first team, the game will end.
  • All batsmen are bowled out - If all of the Batsmen on a side are bowled out, the over will finish early.

Void bets are refunded to the user, and stars earned for those bets are revoked. Bets on game winner will be paid out as normal on the odds they were bet on.


The first batting team has a score of 63 and the second batting team reaches a score of 64 on ball 4.5, the game will end and all bets on "Runs In Over 4" and "Wickets In Over 4" will be refunded to the player. Bets on the second batting team will be paid out to the player as normal.


If a user is suspected of maliciously manipulating a game in any way, so as to damage or affect a game in any way via means such as hacking, using malware, using viruses and any other form of malicious computer use, will be in direct contravention of the terms and conditions of India Bet. Such users will be banned immediately from use of India Bet and all other accounts from the same IP address will also be blocked and banned.

Page last updated 24 April 2017.