As you have noticed there are no active prize draws or challenges running on India Bet.

On Friday signups to India Bet will be closed while we work towards launching the new website.

There are still prizes on the new site so do not worry.

Your current stars and IBR will be taken into account when your account is migrated to the new site.  The age of your account plus all the stars you have ever earnt (even stars you have spent) plus your end IBR balance will calculate your starting league position and balance for the new India Bet league which will offer BTC (Bitcoin) as prizes.

Thank you to all existing players who have stuck with us through this difficult transition period, the past few years have been tough for everyone but the future for India Bet is bright.

Be sure to keep checking India Bet for updates and try and get as much IBR and stars as possible.

From reading the comments we can see the the timing is not wonderful given the World Cup has just started and we apologise for that.  Be sure to check out a new bookmaker we will be featuring on the new site called, they are running some great promotions for the World Cup and you can sign up here:

Enjoy the World Cup and try and bear with us while we work towards creating the best betting community in India :)